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Song : Family Party
Movie : MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) (2017)
Singer : Jaspreet Jasz
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It’s a family party

Light setting akkarle
GC+C+C+ BbC+D+
Mike settultho panle
GC+C+C+ BbC+D+
Manintine cheseddam disco techalle
D+F+F+F+E+E+D+D+ D+D#+D+BC+

Night nine avvakkarle
GC+C+C+ BbC+D+
Bayatikey yellakkarle
GC+C+C+ BbC+D+
Illa manam clubaithe pub avadha ille
D+F+F+F+E+E+D+D+ D+D#+D+BC+

Eh happy ga gadipela
Eh foreign ko vellala
Manamunde chote ooty simla gadipeddam takkarla
C+G+G+F+D#+ F+F+D#+D+ D#+D+C+D#+D+D+
Ee vanke chale pilla
Mari monkeylaipoyela

Mana apedevadu adigedevadu chalo chalo
C+G+G+F+D#+ F+F+D#+D+
Mari cheseddam golaaaaaaaa

It’s a family party
BbC+D+D+ D+D#+C+
It’s a family party (x2)
BbC+D+D+ D+D#+C+

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