Cute Munda (Sharry Mann) Piano Notes

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Song : Cute Munda
Singer : Sharry Mann
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3, Website 4
Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Utton lagge jhoothe te farebi warga
D+D+D+AA D+E+F+ G+G+G+G+E+D+C+
Siddha ae tu mundeya jalebi warga (x2)
C+C+D+E+ C+C+D+E+ E+D+E+F+ F+E+D+

Kisi laptop vichon main virus de wangu
D+D+AD+D+ AD+D+D+ E+D+D+C+C+C+
Tenu kadd ditta hunda

Hunda na je enna tu cute mundeya
E+F+E+D+ E+D+C+ C+D+D+C+BbAG
Ve main chhad ditta hunda (x2)

Kardi paiyan ve main note kal ton
Sarhi jaana ae ainve nikki nikki gal ton (x2)

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