Hottest In The Hood (VRK) Punjabi Piano Notes

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Song : Hottest In The Hood
Singer : VRK
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Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Vekho saare paase shehar vich utte mai khalota
C+Bb BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+BbBbG
Saareyan di nazraan ch main te chaaya
BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+C+D+Bb
Kudiyan vi takk akhh maardiyan
C+D+D+C+C+Bb BbC+C+D+D+D+C+Bb
Mudke eh kudiyan sharmaundiyan
C+D+D+C+C+Bb BbC+C+D+D+D+C+

Rang rang diyan gaddiyan vi tez challiyan
C+Bb BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+Bb BbC+
Sohni kudiyan di nazraan ve main churayian
C+C+C+D+D+ C+C+Bb BbC+ C+D+D+C+C+
Geet mere club vich DJ hun chalaunda
BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+Bb C+D+C+BbGG
Woofer’an de naal poore club nu hilaunda
BbC+C+Bb BbC+C+Bb C+D+C+BbGG

Saare loki nachh ke ve
gaunde bas mere gaane
BbC+ C+D+D+D+D+
Jagg mere pichhe
Main taa par tere pichhe aunda
D+F+D+F+D+C+ C+C+
Mai ki karaan you’re the hottest in hood
The hottest in the hood…

Kudi sadde kol aaja
Sadde kol aaja…

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