Ik Waar (Falak Shabir) Piano Notes

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Song : Ik Waar
Singer : Falak Shabir
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3, Website 4
Classical Sargam Notes: www.sargambook.com
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Oh jadon ranjha jogi hoya
G+G+F+ E+F+ D+E+D+C+ D+E+D+
Naa oh heer da le le firda ronda
D+D+E+D+D+C+, D+D+E+D+D+C+, D+E+
Oh leke doli khede apne naal naal
G+G+F+ E+F+ D+E+D+C+ D+E+D+
Dard ishq da tahin ohnu hoya
D+D+E+D+D+C+, D+D+E+D+D+C+, D+E+

Naa honda pyaar tera
F+F+E+F+ G+E+D+ E+D+E+D+C+
Rehndiyan saahvan de vich saah
D+E+D+ D+C+C+D+ E+F+E+D+ C+BbC+A
Tere baajon main hun ki karaan
F+F+E+F+ G+E+D+ E+D+E+D+C+
Aukha ho gaya hun jeena
D+E+D+ D+C+C+D+ E+F+E+D+ C+BbC+A

Oh takk ke lai gayi meri jaan
D+D+E+ C+C+D+E+E+E+
Te mudke takkeya nai ik waar (x4)
G+G+E+ E+F+E+D+C+E+D+D+

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