Mon Majhi Re (Boss) Piano Notes

Mon Majhi Re (Boss) Piano Notes Available Now On Piano Daddy. Learn Bengali Songs on Piano At Piano Daddy. Song Sung By Arijit Singh.
Song : Mon Majhi Re
Movie : Boss (2013)
Singer : Arijit Singh
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3, Website 4
Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Mone megh jomte thake
G#BbC+, F+G+D#+BbBb
Pore jai durbipake (x2)
G#BbC+, F+G+D#+BbBb

Chinta te tor, katche prohor
C+BbC+C#+D#+, C+BbC+C#+D#+
Santi nei e jontronar
C+F+E+E+ E+C+G+F+
Mon majhi re, bol na kothay
C+F+G+G#+, G+F+G+F+D#+
Mon majhi re, ay phire ay
D#+F+G+F+E+, G+F+G+F+F+
Ay phire ay, ay phire ay
G+F+G+F+C#+, C#+F+G#+G+
Ay phire ay

Eka raat baka chand
Lage na valo re aar
Nai rodh nai rong

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