Sardari (Rajvir Jawanda) Piano Notes

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Song : Sardari
Singer : Rajvir Jawanda
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3, Website 4
Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Je teri ungli te gutt nachdi
E+E+E+E+F#+E+D+ D+E+E+D+E+F#+
Sadde pechan utte Baaz goriye
Ni jadon Batthan wala Batth aakhdi
E+E+E+E+F#+E+D+ D+E+E+D+E+F#+
Sadda chhutt je riyaaz goriye

Ni suyi aashqui di laal takk te
A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ A+G+B+A+A+
Phire tere pichhe chaadhi gabru

Ni ik balliye junoon pyar da
A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ A+G+B+A+A+
Dooji kare sardaari gabru (x2)

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